Remembering “Alice in Wonderland”

The episode where Alice found her chief difficulty to be managing her flamingo inspired one of my most popular poems ever (published by The Seattle Review and then in my first collection, Madam, Your Daughter is Molting). That poem ends with the line, “…uncontrollable tropical toes” and thus the title of this blog. I have gone through as many metamorphoses as Alice did to get to this point in my life: Christmas 2015.

I always wanted to be a dancer. I have very thin and long and bony feet. In high school the other girls called me “Banana Toes.” I didn’t care–I was the top majorette. I marched in parades, twirled fire, and could throw my baton in the air, jump into a split, leap up again, and then catch my baton. Later I studied ballet, jazz dance, modern dance, african dance, folk dancing, balldroom dancing–even belly dancing. It’s those uncontrollable tropical toes that get me. Every time I hear music, or even drumming, I get this itch to move! This is the secret inner flamingo I have to control, or else I end up dancing all night three times a week–not recommended for maximum productivity.

But today, suffering the pain of way too many herniated disks from broken vertebrae in my back, I’m fed up with productivity. I think of that Lisa, so eager to be Alice, always so eager for Wonderland, from the tiny island of my airbed. For the first time during Christmas, I’ve been in too much pain to cook, or go to the beach–or even to put up decorations.

So I’m fooling around with my identity on the internet again. Another endlessly absorbing time-eater. Here’s my new Google+ image (I think this is the third or fourth one I’ve created): “Seeking Signs of Non-Alien Life.” This is where I’m going to post my rapidly growing collection of GIFs. The little girl Lisa, my Alice doppelganger, is obsessed with the tiny repetitive actions of GIFs. I can’t help it, I adore them.

But for Christmas, here are some real flamingos for everyone to enjoy:

flamingoes - Edited

So whatever your inner flamingo is, forget about managing it for the holidays! Let people say your flamingo is showing …

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