Audible Book Review: “Vivid Characters, Locations, and Themes–Plus!”

Customer Reviews

First published on Audible Customer Review site:

Overall 5 stars

Performance 5 stars

Story 5 stars

Many mysteries would be great with the original take on buried treasure that sustains this plot. What carries the work into 5-star territory for me is the depth of Pratt’s characters and the all-too-realistic devastation of human bonds and human decency in light of the promise of great wealth. In his compassionate yet objective style, Pratt has us “look under the rug” at the corruption greed wreaks at every level: politics, community, friends, family, and the individual soul.

A memorable, well-crafted observation of the uglier passions that also provides some promise of hope, “Blood Money” has it all. From a desperate horse ride in the Tennessee hills where you feel every rock and shift of light, to the essential urge to protect the residual flicker of tenacity in the face of death, this mystery is packed with moving scenes and interactions. Well worth a credit.


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