“Every SF Trope Run Through a Blender”



Overall 1 star   Performance 1 star   Story 1 star

I expected something special from the posted reviews. Instead, I wasted a credit on this derivative rehashing of star-crossed adolescent love, immoral megacorporations, dysfunctional families, space opera battles including nukes, guns on spaceships (?), doomed mining colonies, unrealistic conflict, and of course an insane AI. Maudlin death scenes, a space plague creating psycho killers, and teenage hackers actually made me wonder at first if this could be a parody. The choppy “secret document”presentation–mostly text messages between ships–was cumbersome and distracting. Where were the original multimedia effects, other than a few beeps and blips and a very annoying “computer voice” organizing the files? I can’t imagine why this was subtitled “Book One.” There is nowhere to go except for regrowing Hal–excuse me, I mean the crazy AI discovering its “heart”–and more teenage texting. A teeth-gnashing, eye-rolling waste of time and money, sorry. I really try to find something positive in every novel, but this time I’m flummoxed!

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