Don’t Toss Your Old Phone–Turn it into a Phapp!

Once you’ve upgraded to a new smartphone for a better plan, more data at cheaper prices, or simply for improved performance, by all means do not get rid of your old smartphone! 

Your former phone is now a PHAPP, a fabulously useful self-help device you can use in hundreds of fun and inventive ways. Similar in concept to an iPad, your phapp can do everything from serving as a pedometer to recording your success in breaking old habits or learning new ones. Your phapp can play soothing meditations, white noise to sleep by, and all your favorite playlists.

Developers have turned Linux into the magical keystone for hundreds of astonishing, novel, and practical applications. Forget the dead doorstop metaphor, and start combing the Google Play Store to create your personal phapp.

In future posts I will review a few of my favorites, which I am going to be using in 2017 instead of making New Year’s resolutions. Stay tuned! And how about a thumbs up for “phapp”–my latest entry in the Urban Dictionary. 

#phapp #smartphones #repurpose #NewNow

2 comments on “Don’t Toss Your Old Phone–Turn it into a Phapp!

  1. You have comments turned off on your Friday 5 post, so I’m commenting here. 🙂 I don’t take no for an answer very easily.

    Thanks for participating in this week’s Friday 5! Almost any friend of Mel’s is a friend of mine. On “quick writing exercise” versus “start of a novel,” the reason I very seldom ask yes/no questions is that I want to get people’s fingers typing, and the more typing the better! These are meant to be jumping-off points, and while I encourage any participation at all, my purpose when I got it started (it’s not my idea; I even picked up the name from an old website that discontinued the effort) was to provide weekly prompts. Hope you’ll find them interesting enough to do it again in the future.

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    • Thank you! I will! And sorry, comments off is an error–my default is comments on, but I have been having some issues with posting from my phone vs. the laptop, and everything from fonts to social got screwed up today. I have been admiring how you keep this alive every week for some time now, and it impresses me when Mel finds a way to be introspective. I really appreciate your comment, and I thank you for allowing me to participate! I had fun!!


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