Lyrics for Another Song

Grief is a sound, is a song, or a sigh 

a sob somewhere high and here’s 

how I know it:

a cat hair on vinyl—the album long 

over, the cat died of cancer, the 

music’s forgotten.

When elephants listen to tapes of 

dead voices–companions’ ghost 

noises–they search for the missing.

Their trunks are seen flailing and 

scooping the ground, their ears flap 

around as they search for the loved one.

Tapes of the songs you would sing

in the old days, vague words like

love always…but memory fails you.

Your ex-partners’ voices will never 

quite leave you, their tone says

believe you; but someone was lying.

Sound is a force like a push out 

the door or a knock to the floor 

wailing in sorrow,

sound is a song that can lift you to 

dance or to take a big chance until 

there’s tomorrow:

That is why a baby’s cry 

can drive a parent crazy: the sound, 

the sound the sound the sound like 

the scream at the birth of the world.

Lisa Davidson 

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