Response to GLP Article

“The EWG report negatively affects our shopping decisions with baseless information that preys on our fears.”
Hillary Kaufman | July 24, 2020 for GLP

In light of the huge increase in infertility rates, autoimmune conditions, and rare cancers, I find this attack on the EWG to be irresponsible. It’s not just human beings who are injured by corporate agribusiness, it’s also our soil and groundwater. Herbicides, fungicides, and pesticides destroy the living web of microorganisms that make soil a nutrient-rich growth medium. This is why we see horrific erosion and dust storms–desertification begins with dead soil.

Our groundwater is contaminated not just by agricultural poison runoff, but also by all the unabsorbed pharmaceuticals of millions of pill-taking people. So we are drinking other people’s birth control pills, heart medications, and much more.

It is the current practice of agriculture we should be attacking, not a single public interest group. Permaculture and biodynamic farming are more practical and often less expensive alternatives to commercial organic farming. Most produce on grocery shelves is weeks old, often crated and shipped from halfway around the world. Few nutrients are left–you’re paying primarily for fiber.



We should be making a concerted effort to buy from small local farms, family farms, co-ops, and growing our own fresh seasonal produce. Small farms usually can’t afford organic certification, although their produce may be organic. Turn grass lawns into productive gardens. Apartment dwellers can experiment with vertical gardens on balconies and lanais. You can even grow your own herbs on a sunny windowsill.

If you’re too lazy to chop and slice produce, I think you are missing out on prep time that can be enjoyed by the whole family. Cooking, gardening, and even shared meals with laughter and conversation are lost arts. They are productive ways to increase awareness and create more healthful diets.

So please stop attacking the EWG and go get your hands dirty!

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